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good in bed, 'nough said!

as many of you regular readers know, i live with the boyfriend. which i absolutely love, but being the product maven that i am, i prefer going to bed looking like some sort of very unsexy zombie with deep moisture treatments and eye creams encasing me than like the beautiful girl he met. i don't want to give up my night routine (and future good skin!), but i also want to still be gorgeous and glowing around him as often as possible.

and prescriptives, as usual, has heard my prayers (i love you guys!).

their newest night moisturizer, good in bed, has serious replenishing and wrinkle-reducing properties, but it combines them with subtle tanners and light reflecting optics that make the skin look glow-tastic. rather than going to bed a pasty mess, i look like a golden goddess (sans makeup)! it's pretty win-win. $65 at prescriptives.com and prescriptives counters nationwide.

1 comment:

Roselyn said...

Hey NYC doll!!! Oooh thanks for letting me know about this one! I sooo am checking it out today at Saks. I look like the Mummy when I hit the sack and my poor bf is always wondering what everything is for! LOL

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