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fat or flat, misikko's got your hair covered.

flat irons are essential for creating the current sleek haired tress trends (think: kim kardashian's look). but, i am one of the few women i know that is cursed/blessed with stick straight hair. thus, i crave a curling iron while my all my friends are busy flattening away.

whether your hair is fat or flat, misikko, has you covered. their site offers an enormous variety of ceramic flat irons, as well as a good selection of curling irons, and blow dryers. i got a t3 twirl tourmaline from misikko and could not be more pleased with the product and their service. i received up-to-date payment and shipping info emails from them and the product arrived in under two days.

t3 is already my favorite line for hair tools, because of their fantastic blow dryer (see here for that review), but now that i have my twirl, i love them extra. best thing about it? the t3 twirl tourmaline curls hair significantly faster than the curling iron you used in 1988. another modern feature? it has an adjustable heat dial that can range from 140-410 degrees. so if you want runway level volume, go hot (or go home), and if you don't want to fry your hair, the twirl says that's your prerogative.

so, check out misikko.com, the guru of heated hair tools, if you're in the market for such things.

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