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eye candy, by linda mason.

where has this book been all my life?! it seems so sad that we are only able to begin our love affair now.

makeup artist linda mason nails the essentials of colorful and dramatic eye makeup looks in her newest book, eye candy. it is a must-have for anyone who loves dramatic (eye) makeup (which i would think is most people who read mlm!).

i have bags of bright eyeshadow shades and all sorts of ideas floating in my mind, but sometimes the execution of these looks may leave something to be desired. that's where eye candy/linda mason steps in. this book breaks it down, so when you want to rock bold color on your night out, you will know how to look elegantly dramatic instead of hot (tranny?) mess.

but my favorite thing about it is that it shows you how to create a few classic starlet looks - like bridget bardot and audrey hepburn. i've rocked the bridget bardot for the last few days and i look so sultry and siren-ic! i wish i could tell you how to do it, but alas, it's not my secret to share. eye candy is available on amazon.com for $10.17 right now (bargain!).

1 comment:

Dominican Enigma said...

LoL @ the hot tranny mess (thinking about the SNL Spoof). That book sounds fab. Will have to get it on amazon.

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