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i'm leaving florida and heading to LA for my beauty blogging extravaganza weekend (courtesy of total beauty). even though i'm beyond excited to be reunited with my beauty blogging brethren, i'm not so thrilled to be on the plane and in and out of airports for the next 10 hours. i try to stay very well hydrated and touch up my makeup when possible, but until recently i hadn't found a good solution for plane-breath. the air is stale, they serve you salty snacks and there is just no easy way to bring your toothbrush in your handbag.

that's why i'm loving dentaburst - individually wrapped, disposable, finger toothbrushes. i'm bringing a whole pack of 12 (which is still the smallest, lightest thing ever) with me on the plane. this way i'll have enough to supply the stinky breathed person sitting next to me with fresh breath too! learn more at their website or just pick them up in your local dental isle, you won't be disappointed (or bad-breathed).

ps - stop by throughout the weekend, i'm going to be attempting some live blogging from the conference in LA!


Girl-Woman said...

Keep me posted. We had to cancel at the last minute.

Love the dental product, too!


Dominican Enigma said...

lmaooooooooo, i'm going away next week and will make sure to purchase. lol

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