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covergirl's lunch and lashblast.

last week i had the pleasure of having lunch with covergirl's celebrity makeup artist, molly stern, several other beauty bloggers, and some charming ladies from the covergirl cosmetics team. lunch was fantastic and i got an excellent preview of the new covergirl releases to come this july.

but, sooner or later the conversation came around to lashblast, covergirl's newest (and widely acclaimed) mascara. everyone chatted animatedly about how much they absolutely love this product, while i just sat there, slowly slinking under the table.

it wasn't that i hadn't tried the product, i had given lashblast a whirl and i just wasn't a fan. it made me feel like alice in wonderland post-"drink me" bottle. i was totally dwarfed by the incredibly large brush and handle. so it had been moved to my discard pile. but after so much raving at the lunch, i took it out of the pile and gave it another try. still, nothing.

but wait! a few hours later i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought, my lashes look damn good! which mascara am i wearing, again? i don't know if i was initially blinded by the things i didn't like about this product (the size) or if it suddenly looks better after a few hours of wear (is that even possible?) but, i added another layer, and, it turns out, i loved it even more. it layers beautifully without clumping.

so lashblast, even though i never (ever!) fall for a mass brand mascara, you've got me hooked, big brush and all. $7.65 at drugstore.com.


Fashion's Darling said...

ya know I had the same problem...I just never saw all the hype about lashblast. Maybe I should go back and give it a go but...I'd have to buy a new one considering I threw it out in rage (hey I thought I was duped! I sooo didn't see the hype) hehe

makeup loves me said...

haha. i was so glad mine hadn't been thrown away yet, it was just in my "meh" pile!

eye4style said...

I totally haven't tried this either. LOL. Now I'm rebelling and refuse to...

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