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a cheater's guide to a summer body: part 5.

SENSA is a new sprinkle-based weight loss system that i learned about at the total beauty blogging conference last weekend. how does it work? just decide if the dish you are eating is salty or sweet, then sprinkle the salt-sized crystals on in it and eat as usual. even though you won't smell a difference, your body's sense of smell will be activated by the crystals and will make you less hungry. to learn more and understand this concept better, click here.

i've been SENSA-ing for the past week and a half (quite sporadically, though, and you are supposed to apply the crystals to all food). it takes up to 5 months to see the results, so i have no idea if it's working yet, but what i love about SENSA is that it's the ultimate cheater's tool. if it doesn't work, i will have no lost efforts to lament. it requites no effort or willpower to use. just sprinkle and get on with it.

please note that this product is still undergoing FDA approval and will be available in the next few months.

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