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a cheater's guide to a summer body: part 4.

sometimes, when push comes to shove (yourself into your bikini) you gotta replace a meal (preferably breakfast) with a shake.

now, when i tried to use slimfast to do this, it was a total failure, because, the drink tasted like chalk, so i would drink as much as i could stand (about half), throw the rest away, and then eat something 20 minutes later. no gain.

the only weight-loss shakes i've actually been able to stand are dr. jana klauer's omega 3 protein shakes (you may remember dr. klauer for giving mlm diet advice for people with no willpower a couple months back). the shakes come in two flavors, rich cocoa and vanilla bean. both were edible, not delicious. but, i drank them and didn't eat again until 11am (which for me is huge!). a case of 24 costs $114.

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Dominican Enigma said...

sounds like I need to take a look at this. I'll do anything to get this body bikini ready.

Anonymous said...

love this shake. vanilla is my favorite

Anonymous said...

I might take a look at this need to shift 1/2 a stone for my holiday.

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