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a cheater's guide to a summer body: part 3.

who knew being fit could be as easy as changing your shoes?

two shoe brands claim to help increase your leg and booty tone simply by wearing them (for both walking and just standing). this seems like a pretty cheat-tastic way to get bikini-ready to me.

mbt - stands for masai barefoot technology. these shoes have got to be the ugliest way to get hot. they claim to mimic the way that the masai of kenya walk - that is barefoot on soft ground. the masai do not have the back problems seen in the US and they do have toned legs, hence the idea to design a shoe that helps others walk like them. i haven't tried them, but amber swears by them. but these ugly little hot-booty-makers don't come cheap, around $250 a pair.

fitflop - follows a similar idea. the shoe forces muscles to be more engaged, hence body tone is improved through use. this shoe is mildly cuter (but still not attractive). fitflop only comes in flip flop form, whereas mbt has a sandal and sneaker versions. $49.95 on victoriassecret.com
(a place you are probably starting to realize i "window" shop at quite a bit).

after weighing my cheater's options, i think i'm going to buy the fitflop, i just can't argue with a $200 price difference.

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and, enjoy your holiday weekend, beauties!


Bitchy Mom said...

I have 2 pairs of MBT sneakers and they are every bit as fantastic as they say they are.

I've been wearing them for 2 weeks and have already lost 5 pounds and my legs and behind are totally toned!

These are definitely a must-have. And you can get them on eBay for less than $100 if you want to try them out.

makeup loves me said...

awesome advice! i will def check ebay. also, i thought you might be interested to know that next week is the bust plumper final review :)

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