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a cheater's guide to a summer body: part 1.

image: carmen marc valvo monokini on victoriassecret.com

that sneaky memorial day is already coming up this weekend, meaning the start of summer is right around the corner.

um, uhoh. i know some of us are concerned about getting back in that bikini or monokini (the hot swimwear shape for summer 08, which is unfortunately still fairly revealing). i also know that some of you are like me, and are very lazy about getting in shape. that's why i'm bringing you a series of tips to help get a summer body, without having to try too hard.

in order to do this, i brought in the experts. brendan comer is a personal trainer at peak performance gym in new york city. he has submitted some of his best advice for those in our situation (to recap, that situation is desperate to get in shape but hopelessly unwilling to do too much). he says:

First things first- To get your body in shape for summer, you'll want to start off on the right foot and maintain a proper diet. The food you consume is the fuel on which your body runs - By limiting your intake of foods that are fried, high in salt, sugar, fat or flour-based, you are setting yourself up for success.

There are several effective yet simple moves you can do in the comfort of your home in order to start yourself on the path toward obtaining a lean summer body. They do not require lots of space, and if executed properly, they will leave you looking and feeling great!

One of the most overlooked tests of upper body strength and endurance is the push-up. The demands it places upon the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms and core are excellent for building and maintaining tone from the waist up. With your knees on the floor, start by lining up your shoulders over your hands. Walk your feet out to the traditional push-up position, with only the toes in contact with the floor. Bracing your abs, bend at the elbows and lower your chest to the floor. Do not let your hips sag- keep those abs tight! Do as many as you can, wait for 60 seconds and repeat. If you do not have the ability to go from your toes, perform the exercise from your knees. Initially, do this every other day for 15 minutes. As you get more fit, try and go for 17, 19, 21 minutes, etc.

to be continued...(click here to read part 2)


Askmewhats said...

ooohh cheater's guide! Love cheating! hahaha thanks for this

Girl-Woman said...

Good advice. Cheating is better than doing nothing.

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