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ah beauties, you are so busted!

i know what search terms help new readers stumble upon mlm. it shows up in my statistics. and lately a lot of you have been coming here after searching "bust plumper". this is because i wrote a few months ago on victoria's secret's very voluptuous ultimate bust plumper (here is the original post).

and here are two recent comments on that post:

Anonymous said...

So it has been 2 months, has the bust plumper helped? I am thinking of buying it or something like it, but want to make sure that it works (at least for someone) first.


Anonymous said...

it deff does work! it worked for me anyways only up one cup size tho


i'll be honest with you, anonymous #1, i did not keep up my routine with the bust plumper, but, after reading anonymous #2's comment (only up one cup size?!), you can bet i'm going to! especially because i now know so many of you come here hoping to learn about the wonders of bust plumper. give me four weeks, and i'll give you my results. game on!


Bitchy Mom said...

Your link doesn't work.

here is the link to the product

I want to try it if it really works! Do let us know your results!

makeup loves me said...

hi there!

i just checked my product link and it seemed to work ok. pls be sure to click on the product name, the other link is to my last review.
and i am definitely planning to let you know my results :)

juiCybeauty said...

oh my god i would love to try this - but i honestly can't even believe this works. keep us updated! :)

Bitchy Mom said...

How's it going so far?

makeup loves me said...

so far, its firming, which is nice but no size increase. also, it's a bit tingly.

i will keep you updated :)

Anonymous said...

So How did it go?
I just bought one a week ago
Please tell me it works!

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