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belli for my non-belli.

things i'm not: pregnant.

but i somehow ended up using maternity eye brightening cream by belli for the past month. and i gotta say, i've quite enjoyed it.

at first i got that sensation that boys get when they accidentally eat a luna bar ("this is women?! what the hell, man? is it gonna turn me into a woman?") except, you know, with the pregnant. but now i just think of it as a regular eye brightener, which it is. and a good one at that.

belli has a full line of maternity skin solutions - the perfect gift for a pregnant friend or for yourself! bonus: if people see you using maternity products on the bus, they will give you their seat.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am not new mom rather a an old one--I tried this product and it is amazing--it has dramatically improved the lines and dark circles around my eyes. I LOVE IT! Thanks for the great recommendation.

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