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(attempting to) put my best feet forward.

despite getting two pedicures meant to totally restore one's feet for summer i can still use my heels to sand furniture. my feet were great for a week, but they went right back to their old, dry ways. some people say it's all the heels i wear, but really who knows how these things happen? right now i'm attempting to use my florida vacation as a total footsie makeover. just walking along the beach, the sand and shells scrape off the dead skin a bit, but in order to hurry things along i've also been applying miss oops pedicure in a bottle ($18) a couple times a day.

the instructions read: apply twice a day until you can no longer sand furniture with your feet. (how did they know?!). i've been using for about a week and my feet are not soft as kittens, but they are much better.

this miss oops! seems to be a mind reader of sorts, as she also makes a product called miss oops dry sponge, which removes deodorant stains from clothes (again, how did she know?!). see her line at missoops.com.

1 comment:

Dominican Enigma said...

Oh my God, i have the same problem. I think its because I must have my heels on all the time. I'll have to try this. thanks

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