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6 things i learned in LA.

picture: amber, daneen, and me, taken by erika.

1. live blogging is hard! i apologize for not updating throughout the weekend. it was so jam-packed with activity that i barely had time to use the restroom, let alone blog about it.

2. this blush is why i'm having the best week ever. it's whipped texture makes the skin glow, glow, glow.

3. male beauty bloggers can be straight (and awesome!). to clarify, paul does the tech side and his girlfriend actually writes the content for beyond beauty basics.

4. there are magical sprinkles you can use on your food that will activate your sense of smell to make you less hungry. miracle? i think so. more on this later.

5. i went in the skin aging box! and i'm happy to report i learned that i currently have no wrinkles (though there was a bit of a scare because a piece of my hair was stuck to my face and the skincare analysis initially interpreted it as wrinklus massivus). the main aging predicted for my skin in 10 years is increased freckles, which i think are kinda cute.

6. i'm in the running to win a trip to paris! and you are can help make that happen (don't you want me to live blog from paris?!). so please keep reviewing your fav and least fav products on totalbeauty.com.

and, omfg! don't forget the season finale of gossip girl is tonight.


NM said...

hahahaha wrinklus maximus

Dominican Enigma said...


Christine said...

You did not mention the look on your face when the lady with the scary box told you about said wrinkle.... You were not happy! We can be freckled together in 10 years, judging from my results I have a lot to laser off!

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