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second olay guest reviewer writes back!

olay's regenerist 14 day skin intervention guest reviewer nicole writes to mlm (i looove the creative, didactic, diary format she chose!):

This product comes in 14 little tubes. Each one contains an individual use. There are 7 for the first product, 7 for the 2nd. I kept a little diary of my use:

Day 1: no noticeable result. Light scent, slippery texture. Did not sting.

Day 2: skin felt noticeably more smooth, noticed when washing face. Face continued to feel smooth throughout the day. Didn’t look any different, just felt different.

Day 4: Two breakouts! I don’t normally break out mid-month, so I wonder if it’s from the product. My skin is feeling smooth otherwise.

Day 7: My sister-in-law complimented my skin, saying “I can’t stop staring at your face!” She wanted to know my secret; I wouldn’t tell.

Day 8: My first day to try the 2nd product. This one was a different color, and felt a little grainy when I applied it. I went to bed and my skin actually felt a little warm. !!!

Day 10: My skin is feeling very smooth, and… plump. Fine lines around my eyes seem to be a little bit less. My makeup is going on very smoothly.

Day 12: I can’t describe it any better than saying my skin feels plump! Not dry, not flaky, but smooth and moisturized.

Day 14: I’m sorry to see that I’m using my last vial today! Overall, I don't see all that much improvement, but my skin feels great and is very smooth.

I would definitely use this product again, and feel like it’s well worth the money it costs.

Thanks again!
~ Nicole

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