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philip b's white truffle (not the chocolate one).

i know, i know, i've mentioned it before (and quite a bit lately), but nutty and earthy are the perfect scents for summer! i'm nutty for nutty (groan all you want).

it's amazing how much one's perception of what is an appealing fragrance changes with the seasons. after trying some of his other products, i was looking forward to philip b's white truffle moisturizing shampoo like a kid looks forward to a snow day. well, this isn't the godiva truffle, this is the funky italian mushroom sort of truffle and it's deeply earthy scent was too much for me in the winter months. but now? re-fresh-ing! and uber restorative for the hair.

hit it up at philipb.com or spaceNK apothecary to get yours, $54.

1 comment:

Joky said...

Philip B White Truffle Nourishing Hair Conditioning Creme is smell great! its very natural.i think its the best treatment to my scalp...i love it a lot.
and Philip B`s shower products are cool,i have many friends love the Chai Latte Soul & Body Wash,its smell wonderful..and make you feel body with power.
anyway , i have a lot Philip B`s products,like Shin-Shine, loving in conditioner,Nordic Wood One Step Shampoo,and Rejuvenating Oil..
its pricey,and worth it.
it helps a lot to my scalp problems.

Sam in Taiwan

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