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new york streets haircare.

until recently i didn't obsess over my hair or finding the most fantastic hair products, but it's true that having beautiful hair frames your face, which in turn shows off your makeup! and in that spirit, i have embraced haircare (more in this vein tomorrow. spoiler: i'm getting a cut and color - it's gonna be may-ja).

my most recent shampoo and conditioner mega-crush is new york streets clean ($15) and condition ($17). this pair is perfect for summer in nyc because:

a. the unusual, nutty scent will be refreshing in the extreme heat, and
b. the formula was built to repair hair in the insane nyc humidity.

and since i've taken to pretending summer is here, i'm using mine daily, meaning i will probably have to buy another set before the actual summer begins.

hint: they also have some fantastic shine and volumizing products.

all products are color safe, provide UV protection, and come in edgy packaging adorned with real new yorkers. what more do you want? see the line here.

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