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melange apothecary.

adultery is a slippery slope.

once i started cheating on my signature scent, i couldn't stop! the latest in my infidelities involves the cali-based, custom scent blender, melange apothecary. in addition to being able to create the scent of your dreams (be your description "roses and sandalwood" or something less tangible, like "make me smell like a mermaid") they also have a wide array of pre-made fragrance selections.

i am quite partial to their concrete parfums - a solid, concentrated fragrance that you can rub on your pulse points. my spring picks are grenade (pomegranate) and cielo (a feminine floral blend). best yet? these pure little pots are only $10! visit them online at melangeapothecary.com.


Jennifer said...

Hey! Thanks for posting about these. I love solid perfumes and love that these cost only $10 even more.

thedailyobsession said...

Hey M! :) You totally need to try the Grenade in the home fragrance form. It is totally addictive and will make your apt. smell SO good.

P.S. Are you coming out to LA in May?

xo - C

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