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me? i'm superbly. super-duperbly.

kiehl's introduced their superbly restorative preparations earlier this month. the collection includes three products - skin salve ($25), body lotion ($35) and dry oil ($30) - all made from fairly traded morrocan argan oil and argan leaf extract. fair trade is an eco-conscious, social movement for fair international labor and policy standards.

argan gives the products a rich, nutty scent, which (like i mentioned with the new york streets haircare) is tres refreshing when it gets hot and humid (when floral and fruity scents can start to seem sickly sweet).

pro-earth, pro-workers, smells good, and hydrates beautifully - what's not to like? that's why i'll be moisturizing my skin superbly this summer. check it out at kiehls.com or at your local kiehl's.

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