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kiss my nails and win some for yourself! (contest).

right now i have little tortoise feet. to be fair, my french pedicure from kiss nails is much cuter than this tortoise's au natural look. but having fake toe nails makes me feel like my toenails are claws.

however, with wedding season coming up these are perfect for giving your feet a finished look at home. particularly if your actual toenails look weathered or even if you are missing one! just pop these on and get ready to receive compliments.

kiss nails is dedicated to making the best faux nails for non-professional use, and i have to say these nails are far superior to the at-home nail kits i used 10 years ago. but applying them still brought back some memories and gave me a manic little girl glee.

which is why i'm giving 10! fingernail kits away to my readers in nude french deceptions (from broadway nails, their sister company. see picture at left). all you have to do is tell me where you will wear them! send your answer to makeuplovesmecontests[at]gmail[cot]com. all answers must be received by next monday (04/21/08) at 10 PM EST. the winners will be announced the following tuesday. enjoy, beauties!

picture credits: http://courses.washington.edu/vertebra/452/photos/diapsids/tortoise_foot.jpg
and broadwaynails.com


Askmewhats said...

I can't join :( I'm far away :) But nice blog! Nice to have stumbled to your blog via Ms. Muse :) :D

makeup loves me said...

oh, i adore the muse! thanks for visiting askmewhats and please come back soon :)

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