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final olay guest reviewer weighs in!

and now for our final guest reviewer of the olay regenerist 14 day skin intervention, the lovely sheena! here's what she has to say:

Hi :)

I just wanted to send you my final thoughts on the Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention...

Phase 1: I loved how moisturizing this was! I was using Retin-A and had some major dryness that nothing was fixing, and I put this on one night, and poof! All flakes were gone :) The texture is very nice, smooth and dries to a matte finish. One thing I did notice, though, is that this is very similar to another Olay product, the Regenerist Night Recovery--texture, color, ingredients, etc.

Phase 2: This had a different texture than Phase 1--slightly grainy. To be quite honest, I liked Phase 1 more. I felt like this one didn't absorb as nicely into my skin. By the end of treatment, I noticed a slight decrease in the depth of my frown lines, but nothing much in terms of improvement of undereye wrinkles. Overall, there wasn't much visible difference in terms of wrinkles.

I think my major complaint with this product would be that yes, the packaging is nice and convenient because it gives you a "daily dose," but I really feel like a lot of product could get wasted in the little tubes.

Also, my skin was definitely getting moisturized, but I started to notice more and more breakouts. Maybe it's just me, or maybe this will be an issue for others with oily skin, I'm not sure...but since I'm already struggling with acne, this probably wouldn't be a product I'd use again.

Pros: excellent moisturizing, lovely texture for Phase 1
Cons: packaging, breakouts, didn't do much for me

Thanks so much for letting me test this product!!
Sheena :)

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