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erth minerals.

animal, vegetable or mineral?

i never thought this would be how i would start grouping my newest product finds, but with all the great animal hair brushes, the moisturizers with fantastic vegetable extracts and the growing world of mineral makeup, how can i resist?

erth minerals falls into the third category - definitely mineral. if you are new to mineral makeup i recommend trying out the following two products (they are good introduction into what the world of minerals can offer):

1. moth veil powder - this mineral powder gives a the flawless finish i always want from a powder but am unable to get from the non-mineral variety. as far as i can tell this item only comes in one shade, which made me a bit concerned, but it worked for me! $11.

2. intense eyeshadow collection - if you love a vibrant, long-wearing shadow, you can't go wrong with these. though it may seem counter-intuitive, mineral shadows have more color intensity. $6 a piece.

see all their offerings and decide if you are going to embrace mineral makeup at erthminerals.com.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lovely review.

V. Blink
Erth Mineral Makeup

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