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blue eyed girl.

while running around backstage at ny fashion week i saw MAC artist gordon espinet give the models a fresh natural face with electric blue lashes. since then i've been going through a blue mascara thang. which would be totally '80s if it weren't for the fact that new blue'scara look involves a minimalist, healthy glow with the emphasis on the shocking lashes, rather than a caked-on face with a blue shadow for the lashes to get lost in (goodbye, '80s).

my three picks (in ranging shades of blue):

1. kiss me mascara by blinc in dark blue - this follows the "kiss me" original tubing formula, meaning the mascara creates a little dark blue tube around each lash and when you wash them off they look like little blue eyelashes, but don't be afraid, your real lashes stay intact underneath. and it gets the lashes super long. $24.

2. girlactik beauty star lash mascara in denim blue - this is very much a demin blue. if you want a medium toned blue that is not too bold, but still has punch, this is it. $13.

3. cargo super eyes mascara in electric blue - i love bright blue, so i love the cargo electric blue extra. if you are truly going to do a natural look where you want your lashes to grab the eyes of those around you, the cargo is the way to go. $18.

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