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t3 featherweight is a dream.

lately, i'm all about winning duos. t3's bespoke labs featherweight hair dryer and plump heat seeking liquid hair plumper are definitely a hot couple.

you have heard it before, every girl in her mid-20s needs to invest in a high quality hair dryer because having great hair is the cornerstone of a finished look. i wasn't so sure i believed in this mantra in the past, but the t3 featherweight has changed my life in a significant way: it has made into someone who blow dries her hair, as opposed to someone who leaves the house in full makeup with wet hair.

the main reason i've changed my ways is because the t3 featherweight makes it so easy. it is much faster than an ordinary hair dryer (60% faster, to be scientific). i have long hair and i don't want to be standing around with some noisy machine for 15 minutes, but with this dryer i get it done in under 5 (i let it dry naturally for about 20 min beforehand). another factor i enjoy is that it really is featherweight, or at least much lighter than my old dryer.

i almost always combine it with the t3 plump heat seeking liquid hair plumper, which has a clean and pleasant smell, i spray it all over before drying. the spray is totally devoid of stiffness (very good thing!) and i think my hair has a little extra spring going on!

the featherweight will set you back $200, but you will love it for years to come, and the plumper is $38. both are available at t3micro.com and sephora.


karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

girlfriend, i hear that. the T3 changed my life, seriously!

Daneen said...

I knew you would love T3!

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