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mlm faux-cation 2008! (xtreme lashes)

i love fake lashes, but i have to admit that the application process can be a bit frustrating. but what if you could have someone else apply them and they would stay on for like, 2 months? that is just crazy talk! right?! wrong.

celebrity makeup artist skyy hadley applies xtreme lashes lash extensions to celebrities and every day ladies alike. here, she answers makeup loves me's questions about the process.

1. how long does application take? the process can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the shape of your eye and how many lashes you are going to have applied.

2. is it safe? xtreme lashes are safe but you need to make sure to attend to them and maintain them. you cannot pull on them, and although they are waterproof they cannot get wet within the first 24 hours of application.

3. what sort of people (besides celebs!) usually get xtreme lashes? many women come in for xtreme lashes for their weddings (cry-proof), birthday parties and the time around the holidays.

4. would they be appropriate for someone who works in an office? xtreme lashes are suitable for everyone and are great for the business woman since they help take time off in the morning applying and reapplying mascara.

5. how long do the lashes stay on? xtreme lashes last from 2 - 3 months, but remember they must be treated correctly, no pulling and they cannot get wet for the complete 24 hours after the application.

6. do they need to be professionally removed? the xtreme lashes shed on their own once they age.

thank you so much to skyy for answering these questions. skyy hadley applies xtreme lashes at her hoboken nail salon, as "u" wish.

image: www.xtremelashes.com

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