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what's this? why, it's the beloved marina of makeup loves me with the heatherette boys!

and i think this picture says it all, i belong with heatherette! they are all about the hot pink, the sequins and the outrageous/fabulousity, and so am i! i met these two dreamboats at a release event that MAC graciously hosted to introduce the hotly anticipated collaboration between MAC and heatherette.

this is a big collection.
which are my favorites? i thought you'd never ask!
there are 4 dual edge eye pencils - which MAC has never done before - i implore you to get them all while you still can! and of course, the heatherette compact for the beauty powder is a signature piece that captures the collection. it's perfect for touch-ups and it will make you the envy of everyone in that restroom. i have yet to try the $$$$$ yes nail polish, but it looks like it will rock my world if it really is the liquid silver that it appears to be.

it's all available online - maccosmetics.com - and it launches on MAC counters today, so get out there and trample those other ladies with your stilettos to get 'em first (i'm a nice girl, except when it comes to limited edition)!


Daneen said...

Oh no you didn't touch Richie and Traver!!! I am so jealous, so I'm just going to live vicariously through you. And I too can't wait to use the double ended eye pencils.

thedailyobsession said...

Aww, NYC was so much fun! You look so cute! :) I LOVE those dual eye pencils too...wearing that lavender sparkly one today!

makeup loves me said...

thanks daneen! it was super fun!

hi connie! you have to come back to nyc soon!

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

You look fierce in that picture, girl!

(Cute top, too!)

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