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get rehabbed.

amy winehouse finally went to rehab. now it's your (lips' and skin's) turn. get those cracked, dry parts ready for spring! beauty rehab makes a rose salve and a peppermint lip balm. the rose salve is a big hit among the spice girls and david beckham loves the peppermint lip balm (if you hadn't guessed, the company is british). i learned about them at the bendel's breakfast, but if your not headed to 5th ave anytime soon you can get your rehab on at beautyrehab.com, $10 a piece.


BeautyChick101 said...

Have you tried them yet? I just tried the rose salve yesterday actually and it tastes like (ew) cold cream!

makeup loves me said...

yikes! i hadn't noticed that. thanks for the 411!

Cybelesays said...

cold cream? yikes! they look like they would smell really good. thanks for the heads up! ~Cybele

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