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etat libre d'orange.

i discovered these crazy frenchies at the bendel's breakfast and they have been on my mind ever since. it takes a lot to make me stray from my beloved stella mccartney fragrance, but i want almost every single etat libre d'orange scent. they are certainly a bit unorthodox, with names that translate to things like "incense and bubblegum", "jasmine and cigarettes", and "true blonde" (there are also some much more risque ones, which i would love to share with you but i'm having trouble determining an exact translation). but, as a charming frenchman from their company explained to me at the breakfast, when you are so playful with the concepts behind your fragrance you better have the quality ingredients and blending where-with-all to back it up. and they so do.

one of their special fragrances, rossy di palma eau de protection is intoxication maximus. i have worn it a few days a week since the breakfast, when i want a little pick-me-up. the charismatic ms. di palma herself was on hand at the breakfast and told me, in her charming and somewhat unusual english, this scent was not for "seduction", it is a talisman, meant to protect the wearer. i like that idea. and i love it's potent feminine rose heavy smell. this and many other etat libre d'orange perfumes are available at henri bendel's and online at etatlibredorange.com

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