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dove soap opera.

tonight, during the epic scripted reality television show, the hills, the first episode of "fresh takes" will air. this microseries created by dove is taking the term soap opera back to it's original meaning (a drama series sponsored by a soap company). alicia keys stars in this fun little story about women in their 20's who struggle with men and do yoga (i am partial to these things). you can check out the first installment tonight, and if you just can't wait, here's a super-long preview.

i am seriously thinking of watching the hills just to see "fresh takes".


Mike Belgrove said...

One of the other bloggers on Highbrid Nation wrote about Alicia Keys and Dove and I'm kinda confused. A soap company hired a R&B singer to star in a drama on MTV that will take place during commercial breaks? WTF? But what do I know, that other writer said it was a good idea so maybe he's write. Being a 27 year old black man, I don't think I'm the crowd they are aiming for anyway, lol.

makeup loves me said...

thank you for stopping by and contributing to the chit-chat here at mlm, mike!

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