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three custom color specialists color studio.

while you were busy sleeping in on president's day, i was researching the next big thing for you. i went to three custom color specialists' manhattan's color studio to learn more about what makes them different from other makeup companies. well, it turns out quite a lot.

at the essence of all their products and services seems to be their deep commitment to color as a science. chad, one of the company's three co-owners, kindly took the time to explain their offerings to me.

chad really is some sort of color magician. he explained how all of the colors in the company's ready-to-wear line are separated into warm and cool. he declared me a "warm" tone and went on to say that their apple honey lip gloss wand would look perfect on me. up until then he seemed like a very knowledgeable guy, but this color on me (see swatch at left)?! but, i took the color home with me, not wanting to be rude, and it turns out, this color, on me, is a great thing.

but, i think the best thing about three custom color is their response to what is probably the biggest complaint i hear about makeup: a beloved product has been discontinued, what's a girl to do?
three custom color specialists' response to this is ingenious. they do not discontinue any colors in their ready-to-wear line, for starters, and better yet, if you send them the tiniest sample of any discontinued product (minus liquid foundation and nail polish) they can match the color for you and custom blend a new one. even if you don't have a sample, give them a call because they have thousands of discontinued color formulas on file. they have been making lipsticks for the always flawless angelina jolie ever since her favorite guerlain shade was discontinued.

also: is this palette of theirs not the most brilliant idea in the world?! it's a century in red lip palette. each color represents a different decade between 1900-2000 and the corresponding red that was popular during this time. i love the high level of historical and cultural knowledge at three custom blend specialists. every piece has a complex story behind it, but this one is my favorite.

experience three custom color specialists yourself by visiting their website and if you like, you can make an appointment to go their studio for a consultation.

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eye4style said...

I heart Three Custom Color! And just so your readers know, Giella at Henri Bendel is another custom blend company. I don't find their products as amazing as 3CC but they do custom blend nailpolishes in case anyone is looking.

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