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red flower's ocean.

im in a real catch 22 with red flower, the more products i try of theirs, the more i want.

as a rule, i do not like "water" or "ocean" scents. the smell always seems forced and artificial. but, i seem to have found an exception in red flower's ocean line. instead of smelling like some remix on your college trip to cancun, it's more of a cool, rocky, new england ocean, filled with seaweed and periwinkles.

i have tried red flower ocean as a shampoo, conditioner and candle. as of this morning i am saving what is left of my shampoo and conditioner to use during the summer at fire island. this captivating scent is also available as a body wash and moisturizing lotion.

see the all their offerings at redflower.com


Fabulista said...

Yay, I'm glad that stuff is great. I love the store. I'll have to go pick some up come summertime! Enjoy the tan, sorry I couldn't make it.


Rose said...

Yeah i love the Red Flowers too... Thanks for great post!


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