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prescriptives' custom blend tinted moisturizer.

most of you know i'm quite fond of prescriptives' custom blending, but i have to tell that their newest custom blend, tinted moisturizer, is my favorite yet. i had one custom blended for me in november (remember this post?) and i have worn it at 6 out of 7 days since then. i may test a new product for you, but i am truly devoted to this one.

reasons why it's so perfect:

  1. i apply it with my fingers, so it's very little fuss.
  2. it contains moisturizer, so i save a step.
  3. it is totally matched to my skin tone, so unlike most tinted moisturizers i'm not off-color.
  4. i got to choose which add-ins i wanted, so mine contains something that makes me look dewy, but i also mentioned that i'm oily, so the product helps combat oiliness as well. everyone can choose a dry, medium or oily finish as well as various other custom add-ins.
  5. it actually has a fairly good coverage level, but if i need extra coverage in a certain area i paint some of my custom blend foundation on to just that area.
it hit counters on february 1st, 2008, so feel free to head to your local prescriptives counter to have one whipped up for you, i know you are going to thank me!

and, in celebration of this product (and some other gems) mlm now has a new symbol for products that are so good they make it in to our permanent arsenal. tada!

if you see this symbol at the end of a post, you know i have been using the product for over a month and plan to keep using it for years to come!

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