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plump it up!

when a peacock is on the move for a mate they puff up the plumage. since victoria's secret is the ultimate moderately-priced retail for those on the move for a mate i've been investigating two of their "plumage"-plumping attraction devices from their beauty department - very voluptuous lip plumper and very voluptuous ultimate bust plumper.

the lip plumper has that requisite lip plumper tingle that either you love or loathe. it stings a little, which i like, but i know isn't for everyone. i have "hot pink" which is a vibrant pink that i would put at a shade below "hot". does it plump though? yes, yes, it does. $18.

the bust plumper is my favorite idea ever - the only thing is i have to be incredibly careful not to mix it up with regular lotion, because i do not want to get plump everywhere. i have only been using it for a couple of days, it smells great, but i haven't noticed any change yet. however, product testers saw a difference in two weeks! so, i'm going to keep using it, can't hurt right? (as long as i don't' get it on my thighs...). $26.


Anonymous said...

So it has been 2 months, has the bust plumper helped? I am thinking of buying it or something like it, but want to make sure that it works (at least for someone) first.

Anonymous said...

it deff does work! it worked for me anyways only up one cup size tho

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