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my exclusive interview with fafi!

today (02/13/08) is the official launch of MAC's collaboration with french graffiti artist, fafi. fafi herself was at henri bendel to introduce the new makeup line. i was super fortunate to get a little time with fafi - she gave me an exclusive interview for makeup loves me readers!

in this picture - fafi, me and a fafinette come to life at the event.

first of all, fafi is just as coy and minx-y as the characters she creates. she has the those blunt, french-girl bangs, clear skin and doe eyes.

mlm: what made you want to collaborate with MAC?

fafi: they contacted me. here i was this little french girl in their big american meeting, but it seemed like they were the right company for my line.

mlm: which is your favorite product in the fafi for MAC line?

fafi: the iridescent pressed powders because you can really see the graphic i created on the case.

mlm: who do you envision buying this collection?

fafi: young people and also metro women. people who appreciate the craziness and originality (of the collaboration).

mlm: what's the best thing about being french?

fafi: being natural. the french don't say things that they don't mean. also, i love living in paris because you can people watch and see all kinds of women there.

mlm: which fafinette are you most similar to?

fafi: each of them contains a bit of me.

mlm: which is your favorite?

fafi: ermine.

mlm: me too! what can we expect to see coming up for fafi?

fafi: i'm working on a comic.

i bought a fafi makeup bag at the event and had fafi "tag" it - it reads "fafi pour marina". i am still in awe of my time with fafi, she truly is effortlessly cool. check out the whole line here.

and, hint, hint to all boyfriends: these whimsical, feminine characters make for a great valentine's day gift.


Daneen said...

I can't believe you scored an interview with Fafi. Congrats, gorgeous...and awesome interview!

nilla cookie said...

Wonderful interview with Fafi! I also just peeped you on a NYPost.com video at the event!

Congratulations again!

jeni said...

Thanks for letting me who know Fafi is!!! I just posted a picture I took of the Fafi window display at my local MAC store on my blog. I was writing about how I didn't know who Fafi is, but the new line looks awesome nonetheless!

Beauty Banter said...

Loveeee the entire collection.... obsessed with the Hipness blush... it will be my Spring color!

fab interview!!!

Beauty Banter

i♥make-up said...

Wow, lucky you, could u show us where fafi tagged your tote?

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