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mlm faux-cation 2008! (sundara airbrush tan)

i was not kidding at the end of my last post when i told you i was off to catch some sun - i made the ultimate faux-cation move and got a spray tan! i went to sundara airbrush tanning in hell's kitchen and had their senior techician, natalie cupid (i love her name. i think i want to be called natalie cupid from now on. just kidding, natalie cupid, i won't steal your name.) spray me bronze. this has had an entirely desirable effect, several people have said one of the following things to me:

a. well, don't you have a nice tan!
b. you're glowing today!
c. did you go somewhere?

and no one has said to me:
d. you look oddly orange - are you half-oompa-loompa?

anyone who i do tell i got a spray tan to (which is just about everyone, because let's face it, i'm not very discreet) cannot believe how natural the color is. i'm loving it.

some things you should know before going for your own airbrush tan at sundara:

1. shave and exfoliate that morning. removing any barriers to your freshest layer of skin will make for the most even tan.
2. you are going to be getting naked or very close to it (you can leave underwear on if you are more comfortable that way) and natalie cupid will be seeing you naked and using a small sprayer to lightly mist your naked self. however, she is a warm person and she does her best to help you overcome any awkwardness.
3. wear dark baggy clothes that you do not care about, because they may get stained afterward.
4. don't plan on going anywhere where you might care what people think of you afterward. you shouldn't wear a bra afterwards because that may shift the color around in a manor that is not cute. also, you can't shower for 8 hours following application and you get gradually much darker and greasier during this time. so unless you like looking greasy and bra-less in front of others, plan to kick it at home post-tan.
5. i have been doing some, but not all, of the maintenance and my tan has held up very well for 5 days so far. i do use the sundara coconut body butter, because natalie cupid told me i would need to use a natural lotion, but with no natural exfoliators in it, and that was just too confusing for me, so i went with the one she recommended.

is located at 425 w. 46th street, ny, ny. visit their website here. they offer full body, half body, and face only airbrush tans - for $75, $45, and $25, respectively. i think that's all the info you need to get your own faux-cation glow, but please feel free to ask me any questions about airbrush tanning in the comments, beauties!


thedailyobsession said...

ooh, fab tips! will definitely remember these next time...

Best Tanning Lotion said...

thanks for the great tips...this seems like a great option when it comes to the nyc winter (im pale as a ghost and love looking tan) but when that summer comes i love using Booty Butter tanning lotion, which gives the most even golden tan, i love this lotion

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