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mlm faux-cation 2008! (fake lashes favorites celebration)

today i dedicate my faux-cation to the celebration of the best in false lashes. my taste in lashes is like my taste in champagne, if we aren't going to get the finest on the menu, then we might as well get the $2 one. there is no place for a middle ground.

most people will tell you mascara is "one of those things you can get at the drugstore". i will tell you absolutely not on that. yet, in a seeming paradox, i declare false lashes to be a drugstore-do. new york color makes some eye-turners for $1.99 (see below)!

i recommend you buy a ton of these (after all, you can get 5 for $10!) and get very handy at applying them and then, invest in the cristal of fake lashes, shu uemura.

my favorite shu uemura lashes are those modeled after feathers (see above). are they not covetable beyond words? the gorgeous shu lashes run between $25-$50, but as long as you treat them well you can reuse them, and there is no substitute for the air of magic they create.

lash out this faux-cation weekend, beauties!


Anonymous said...

you know, i use those nyc lashes all the time, they are cheap and chic, u use em and toss them!!
i usually cut them in half and use jus the outside corners..
i recommend surgical glue, its amazing!

ps, feather shu lashes are nuts!!!

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

i am on it. i made it my goal to be one with the fake lashes. hmmm. we'll see how long it takes!

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