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mlm faux-cation 2008! (fake lashes interview)

my faux-preference? lashes. i. love. fake. lashes. if i could go on some sort of magical themed vacation to false lashes, i would (don't ask me anything more about this idea, i'm not totally sure what i mean either).

to get you ready for my next post, showcasing all of my favorite false lashes (get excited), i have an interview for my mlm readers from celebrity makeup artist rea ann silva with her best false falsh tips!

  1. the first thing to do is to carefully remove the eyelash from the form that it is glued to. start on the outer end and gently pull the eyelash to the center.
  2. measure the proper length of the false eyelash for your eye, by placing it casually across the length of your eyelash. if it is too long, take visual note and snip the extra length away. It will look more natural if you do this. eyelashes do not come one size fits all!
  3. it is much easier to apply a natural looking lash if you first use a little eyeliner across your lash line. make a cat eye or just a smudged liner look on the lash line. this will help to camouflage any application mistakes or unevenness.
  4. after you have measured and cut the lashes, use an orange stick to apply the eyelash glue to the false eyelashes. dip the tip of the orange stick into the glue and drag the glue across the cord of the lash.
  5. do this to both lashes before you attempt to apply them. giving the glue a little time to become tacky really helps the eyelash from slipping around on your eye while you are trying to get it on the right spot!
  6. to place the eyelash on the right spot of the eye, place the mid way point of the false eyelash above the iris of your own eye. this will put the middle of the lash approximately in the middle of the length of your eyelid. looking in a more downward direction, place the tacky eyelash onto the lined center of the lid. then place the inner corner (close to the nose) into place, then work securing the lash out to the outside of the eye.
  7. repeat this process on the other eye.
* bonus: after you have placed the eyelashes on the eye and are satisfied with the placement, take your orange stick and with the clean end and hide the cord!

you do this by placing your index finger under your lashes pointing towards your nose. close your eye with your index finger now pressing upward on your lashes. now take the orange stick in your other hand and gently roll down, lengthwise towards your lash line, pushing excess skin onto the glue that is on the false lash. if this is done correctly, the entire fake eyelash cord becomes hidden by the now excess skin that is being held in place by the excess glue on the eyelash. our eyes have excess skin on the lids, so that we can blink comfortably!)

this is a trick that make up artists had to know in order to pass the very difficult union Journeyman Make Up test. This was an industry trade secret!

thanks to rea ann for the awesome tips. i'm a little scared to do this to my eye, but i'm going give it a try! stay tuned beauties, more faux-cation to come!

image: beautyblender.net

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