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max factor vivid impact mascara.

i was elated when i saw this marcara, it seems like such a good idea. you use the black end for lengthening and the colored end to add a jewel-toned hint of color to the lashes. the visuals on the max factor site show the color added just to the ends, for a quite stunning effect.

however, no matter how many times this week i have tried to add the pink on top, it did not take. my lashes were not noticeably highlighted and it certainly did not give me a smooth, even color like i hoped for. however, i have seen a lot of raves about this mascara. perhaps i'm doing it wrong? on the whole, i'm unimpressed, though the lengthening, black side works well.

max factor is carried in drugstores and the mascara retails for around $10.99.

1 comment:

jeni said...

Yeah I was really disappointed with this mascara too. I bought the pink/blue one. The blue mascara looked black, and I was expecting electric blue. And the pink was invisible when I put it on. The mascara wasn't very lengthening, and it barely looked like I was wearing anything. And the bristles sort of hurt when I combed them through my eyelashes.

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