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dye, betty, dye!

there's an urban legend about something called "the tiffany box", a square bikini wax that's dyed tiffany blue.

to this day i have yet to encounter a spa offering this particular service, but i have recently discovered a dye that is safe for bikini region hair. while it doesn't currently come in tiffany blue, beauty betty color for the hair down there comes in a variety of natural shades and two valentine's colors - hot pink and red. i adore almost everything about this concept, it definitely makes for a very fun and unexpected valentine surprise.

the only part i'm not a huge fan of? you have to wait 30 minutes to allow the bleach to work then another 30 minutes for the color to set.

get your betty ready for $19.99 here.


Anonymous said...

love this product!!!! try betty stencils...they are crazy fun!!!
lacy t.
san antonio, tx

blonde betty said...

i did blonde betty and it didnt take that long. it took about 25 mins for the whole thing. i think the 30 mins each is just a maximum estimation that it would take. my boyfriend did malibu betty and it didnt take that long either. it actually took even less time than mine.

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