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backstage at THREEAsFOUR.

MAC's gordon espinet created the look for this season's THREEAsFOUR runway show, which took place saturday evening. i went backstage and spoke to gordon about the look. he wanted the girls to have a radiant, healthy look - "like they drink milk everyday", but combined with a rock star glam, which he achieved with shocking blue lashes.

their flushed cheeks were achieved with a new rosy mineralized blush. MAC is tweaking the formula based on the runway shows and the finished product should be available to the public in the fall (i will definitely be letting you know when this comes out!).

the amazing blue lashes were painted that color with fluidline in royal wink (a MAC pro color).

the unofficial shoe of fashion week? i saw my friend heather from MAC backstage and we were both wearing seychelle's "with a twist" shoes. i have seriously been wearing them all week because they are so cute and comfortable.

makeup loves me would like to give the biggest thank you ever to total beauty for making me an i-correspondent and helping me obtain backstage access. i could not have brought you this coverage without them!

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