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you know you love gossip girl, xoxo.

sneaking up on me without warning, somehow this past week was the season finale of my beloved gossip girl (i think this early ending may have something to do with the writer's strike). gossip girl is infectious, perhaps particularly for me, as the show centers around the upper east side and a blog (my life much?).

the girls always look fabulous. after close examination though, i realized they follow just a few easy rules to achieve their fabulosity. here, i enumerate for you, the fashion, beauty, and life lessons of gossip girl:

  1. while you can spend a million dollars on clothes, you don't have to. these girls use accessories (which can be quite cheap!) to turn a simple black dress into an eye-catching outfit. the main trick is a splash of bright color.
    get yourself some bright opaque tights at welovecolors.com. headbands are everywhere, check claire's accessories for a huge assortment that's inexpensive and unique. and, if you are feeling daring, you can try streekers (not to be confused with streaking) temporary vibrant color streaks/highlights for hair, an easy and cheap way to add color at $9.95.
  2. in terms of the gossip girl makeup, neutrals on eyes and lips with an overall glossy flush never hurt anyone. powder puff beauty has an array of young, sweet, glossy colors at a reasonable prices to help you capture the look. the "you glow girl" palette on the right has four fun, creamy lip and cheek colors for $45.
  3. and finally, a little authority goes a long way. so whatever you wear, wear it like you own the universe.
images: nydailynews.com and powderpuffsquad.com


Kate said...

I found absolutely knock-out Gossip Girl style headbands on www.andreasbeau.com. There's hundreds of styles for women, tweens and girls. This site made me a headband fanatic!

makeup loves me said...

hi kate! thanks for stopping by and thanks for the tip! i will be checking them out.

Daneen :) said...

Love this post. Did you hear that Gossip Girl is moving to Mondays?

spoiled pretty girl

makeup loves me said...

thanks, daneen! i think monday night is even better!

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