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renew your (hungover) skin.

new year. new leaf. before starting any beauty resolutions, refresh your face.

skin is already susceptible to looking dull in the winter, throw in too many cocktails last night, and its time for your very simple, at home, new year facial! prescriptives rocks skin care (that and custom blend, is why i love them) and has the product trio to get your glow back.

  1. prescriptives instant gratification skin renewal peel ($45) - i probably should've figured this out from the "instant gratification" in the name, but this peel only needs to be left on the face for 30 seconds. so no matter how hurried/lazy you are, you can access the benefits of this product. while it's on your skin you will have a very warm/tingling sensation (which i happen to love). then you rinse away to an already brighter face!
  2. prescriptives comfort cream ($38.50) - just go ahead and slather this all over your fresh face. it is divinely smooth and not at all greasy. i promise you will immediately feel amazingly soft.
  3. prescriptives vibrant-C skin brightening eye cream ($38) - this eye cream combats dark circles and puffiness, making eyes look alert and full of jejune. what's not to love?
i just completed this three step process and it was incredibly quick and easy. also, my skin looks fab - the only makeup i'm wearing is mascara and lip gloss, but i'm all a-glow. i'm ready to start making some resolutions! of course there is my old standby: floss more. and naturally, makeup loves me has it's own set of goals and resolutions for 2008 as well. all of your favorite features, including giveaways, breaking new collection announcements, honest product reviews, and so many more fun surprises will be a part of 2008. thank you for reading and happy 2008, beauties!

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