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miss america?

so somehow i ended up at home this saturday evening watching the miss america pageant on tlc.

apparently there has been a reality series leading up to the pageant for the last of several weeks. the goal of the reality show and the feel at pageant is to modernize the pageant. key phrases that keep being repeated are "finding the next 'it' girl" and "miss america is evolving - it's no longer about stiff hair and clown makeup". they hired a dj and are entertaining the eliminated girls with carbohydrates (which also get mentioned, a mildly painful, every 10 seconds) and that guy from "what not to wear".

however, despite the somewhat forced feel of their "modernization", the idea itself isn't bad. the girls do look much better with movable hair and their whole presentation is enjoyably more runway chic than past years. though the cheesy talent portion isn't helping with the chic vibe.

i like miss washington because she seems the most similar to an actual human. in fact, she's adorable. let's go miss w, become the get "it" girl!

image: missamerica.org

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