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mac's moisturelush.

i am so into skincare right now (i think its the new year's thing) and it looks like the beauty industry is with me. all sorts of new exfoliators, masks, and especially moisturizers are hitting shelves to help you put your right face forward in 2008.

since my skin can be oily and i'm in my mid-20s, i haven't always moisturized religiously, but for the past month i have taken to doing so nightly. like me, MAC hasn't always made skincare a priority, usually opting to focus on their high pigment and imaginative cosmetics lines. but, it seems we have both changed our tunes. MAC's moisturelush collection contains moisturelush cream ($32) and moisturelush eye cream ($30). both are rich and hydrating, though i'm not crazy about the scent. hopefully both MAC and i will continue expand our relationships with skincare in the months to come! check out the moisturelush line here.

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