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japanese black q-tips.

let me just say, it is freezing in nyc right now. i went outside thinking i would go on a shopping voyage to soho, but i didn't get much farther than my mailbox in the lobby. however inside my mailbox i found a beautiful new year's card from my friend ingram who lives in japan.

a few months ago ingram sent me two boxes of q-tips from japan, due to some begging on my end. i became interested in black japanese q-tips after reading a "what's in your makeup bag" feature with dick page, who claims they are an absolute must-have. while i do find them pretty and rather fascinating, i'm not really sure how to use them for my makeup needs. they are somewhat tighter and less soft than their american counterparts. in fact, when i used them to neaten up my liner their less soft texture sorta hurt my eye! if anyone knows what mr. page uses these for, please let me know.

image: doanepaper.com


Joanna Schmidt said...

They are very cool looking. Do you know if they are available here? I wonder why they are black, other than being super sleek looking.... :)

makeup loves me said...

hi joanna! i do not believe they are available here. lol, i too wonder why they are black... what a mystery they are!

Anonymous said...

hey, i came to your site through a google search on japanese qtips, and i think this other site i found might answer your question:

benwajones said...

Try the Daiso store, it's like the dollar store. They have them there.

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