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best day ever (courtesy of bendel's).

i hope you like superlatives, because this post is gonna be full of them.

i had the most amazing morning at henri bendel's beauty breakfast. ted gibson was there (in. the. flesh.), and one of his assistants, devin gave me the most fantastic blow-out of my life (and yes, it was just as sexy as that sentence makes it sound). my hair is huge, which i love.

by this point, i think we all know how picky i am about fragrance, but i tried two. one by etat libre d'orange, which happens to be the most fascinating french perfumerie. another by isabela capeto, the chicest brazilian designer. both stole my heart, so i'm sure you will be hearing more about them in the near future.

i also finally met amber from beauty blogging junkie - and seriously, she looks like serena van der woodsen from gossip girl. would i lie about something like this? i also got to quickly catch up with two of my favorites, erika from makeup bag and julia from all about the pretty. i wish i could show you just how beautiful everyone looked. why don't i ever remember to take pictures?!

and if you can believe it, i have another product release/breakfast event to attend tomorrow morning! so stay tuned for more, hopefully superlative, tales.

image: henribendel.com

1 comment:

Fabulista said...

Had so much fun with you, too! I'm so not WORTHY of the Serena Van Der Woodsen comment! But thanks: ) I'm mildly obsessed with her. She DOES have the most fantastic hair in the tri-state area. Looking forward to the Benefit event!

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