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nars monoi body glow II.

at first i wasn't totally sure how to use nars monoi body glow II. my first observations were that it looked gorgeous and smelled even better (and from last week's scented lotion reviews i think everyone knows how picky i am about fragrance).

but after playing with it for a week, i've found that it has tons of uses, including:

1. as a body moisturizer. it's an oil, so a little bit goes a long way and has a lot of sheen.
2. as a bathroom decoration. this is one product you will not be ashamed to have splayed on your sink.
3. as a bath oil. (this is my favorite idea).
4. as a fragrance. you can just dab it on your pulse points and smell like a vanilla and gardenia goddess all day long.
5. as a solid version for uses #1 and #4. at 72 degrees this liquid product becomes a solid. you can either re-liquefy it by rubbing with hands or running the bottle under hot water, or just used as a semi-solid!

want one? again, narscosmetics.com and sephora are your best friends on this one.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

love, love, love this stuff. :-)

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