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mac originals collection.

the originals collection hit counters on december 19th. filled with discontinued and current M·A·C favorites, the originals includes lipsticks, tinted lipglasses, eyeshadows, pigments, glitters, eye pencils, and mascara X. the most anticipated piece in the collection is parrot eyeshadow. however, my absolute favorite has to be the kitschmas pigment. see the entire collection here.

to go along with this very special M·A·C collection, M·A·C is running the "are you a M·A·C original?" contest. the contest has both a national and regional level. to participate in the national contest submit a picture of yourself and a 50 word essay on why you are a MAC original on the MAC site. the prize is a $1000(!) M·A·C gift card and the complete originals collection. the regional contest will be new york, los angeles, miami, las vegas, san francisco and houston in designated M·A·C stores on the weekend of january 4th-6th, 2008. customers can visit designated M·A·C locations for a complimentary makeup application and for a professional photograph taken. they will then be entered in the regional contest. regional winner will receive a $250 M·A·C gift card, the complete originals collection and their story in a local publication.

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Asma said...

i have entered the mac originals contest....and need votes please vote!!


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