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i'm wearing the last pout-a-porter lipstick!

the details of the final lipstick in the wildly popular lancome pout-a-porter series have been decided on. pixel pink, based on the look gucci westman created for thakoon's spring 2008 show, is a glossy berry pink.

part of lancome's color fever shine line aka "baby's first lipstick" it has a smooth, ultra-glossy formula that glides right on the lips. the color is much more natural and earthy pink than proenza pink, which is sure to be a match for a wider range of skin tones.

the waitlist will open in february at lancome boutiques and bergdorf's. pixel pink will go on sale in march at the four US lancome boutiques, bergdorf's and on the lancome site. isn't this color a beautiful final hurrah for westman's work with lancome?


Daneen :) said...

looks great on you!

Erika said...

oooh, pretty!!

makeup loves me said...

thanks daneen and erika - i'm totally in love with pout-a-porter and crushed that this will be the last one!

Annnie said...

Love it, can't wait to get one. thanks.

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