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big bad mama biker bath fizzzz in jailbait.

it has literally been years since i have taken a bath (no, that's not gross. i assure you; i shower daily). anyhow, after a long day of travel i relaxed in to the tub to read the much raved about eat pray love.

this was also the perfect opportunity to try out my big bad mama biker bath fizzzz, which i was all sorts of intrigued by. it comes in several hilarious fragrance varieties, including beer, weed, herb, jailbait, hooker spit(...just kidding on the last one, but the first 4 are real). i have jailbait, which the big bad mamma biker bodyworks site describes as "wild cherry, of course. bail, bond, & attorney not included".

i liked the kitsch of it all, but would the product deliver? would the cherry be to candy/pop/sweet? the suspense! i drew the bath, added two generous scoops of the product, and hopped on in. the scent of cherry was totally pleasant with a bit of tartness and no forced sweetness. i actually found it to be a very soothing smell that i could tell was draw from fine ingredients. moreover, for a fizz, it delivered the perfect about of oil. the water didn't feel greasy, but i stepped out of the tub perfectly moisturized, which is particularly awesome because now my back, which i can never truly reach, is now super soft.

i think i see myself developing an addiction to this big bad mama biker, and her bodyworks. the bath fizzzz is $12.99 and, though i'm never great at guessing how many of anything is in a jar, i would say you can get at least 10 baths out of it.

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