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urban decay sets.

holidays mean gift sets. gift sets mean you get a ton of colors and product for less $$$. so who cares if you give these "gifts" to yourself? you're saving money, which is smart!

urban decay has some very nice (and economical!) gift sets that they recently released. while they are not specifically labeled holiday, they are a great gift, for you or a particularly hip friend.

lately i've been playing with the deluxe shadow box and the urban survival set. the deluxe shadow box has a fantastic selection of 9 vibrant shadow favorites, for $36. the urban survival set has everything you need you the morning after a slumber party: shadows and glosses and primers and liners (insert obvious, oh my!, here). they have tons of other gorgeous kits as well, that i have not yet gotten my hands on, of note is the thorny rose lip palette. see all the tidy urban decay collections here. and know that i have my eye on you, thorny rose.


Nevin said...

Urban Decay has their Friends & Family discount going on right now online...use code FFH30 for 30% off

makeup loves me said...

oooh! good to know - thank you, nevin!

skiRokr said...

u guys should feature some mineral makeup holiday items! this mineral fusion one is pretty good, especially if you want something organic! They sell it at whole foods too.


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